About Us

Richard Ondrovic is originally from Queens and Brooklyn, NY, having grown up in the ethnically diverse neighborhoods of Sunnyside and Flatbush. Richard has always had an interest in film, and he completed numerous film courses while in college. Richard has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Brooklyn College CUNY. He is a software engineer in El Paso, TX. Richard has a particular interest in the portrayal of the people of Appalachia in the visual media.

Lisa Varner was born in Lakeland, FL, and she grew up in the Dayton, OH area. Her ancestors arrived in the mountains of NC in the 1700s, and in the early 1800s they moved to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Lisa’s grandparents moved to the Dayton area in the 1940s in order to obtain work. Many of her relatives still live in Eastern Kentucky, particularly in Letcher and Morgan counties. Lisa has spent most of her adulthood in the South, including the mountains of Tennessee and Virginia. Lisa has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Tech and a PhD in Human Ecology from UT. She has special interests in Appalachian culture, including dialect and foodways. Lisa is a clinical psychologist in El Paso, TX.

PigeonPie Films specializes in documentaries that portray the positive and unique aspects of Appalachian culture and society. We believe that the beauty, sights, and sounds of Appalachia deserve to be preserved and shared with others.